What if you could get rid of your daily foot pain? 

Foot Pain Gone is my proven system formulated from years of consistent results in my clinic. 

Simplified for at home use. It's helped over 1000 people just like you to GET significantly reduced Foot Pain, faster than they thought possible, practically on Day 1!

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Has FOOT PAIN affected your Life?

Does it limit what you can and can't do in your day?  Are you missing out on life because of the pain?

Did you used to be more active? Are your plans on hold because of foot pain?

Do you think you need special "supportive" shoes? Have you been told you need orthotics or arch supports?

Foot Pain affects 75-87% of the US population on any given day. 

The Real Cause of General Foot Pain is...

 Muscular imbalances and improper foot function.

When we wear shoes that are too tight and too supportive we lose our ability to build strength and stability in our feet.

The cycle goes like this...

Our feet become weak.

They give us warning signs. Pain signals.

When we don't listen eventually the pain becomes unbearable and they stop working altogether.

Our Feet have bunions, our toes are too close together, our arches don't work, we get plantar fasciitis, we have lower leg pain, we have no foot strength, it hurts to walk, we get corns and heel spurs, we have flat or fallen arches and our feet lack the mobility to do any of the things...




This is the Simple, Fast, and Easy to Follow formula you need for building foot strength and stability. Brought to you by an Orthopedic Massage Therapist in Hawaii that fixes foot imbalances and provides these techniques to solve foot pain for his clients in clinic.  It's  proven to work on people just like you, and you don't even have to come to Hawaii. (but you can)

Cool, I'm in

In just 20 minutes, I will show you  the foundational truths that will change the way you move and the way you feel...

Learn about your arches (there's 3 of them for starters)

Bet you didn't know that? What do they do and what should you do to rebuild the strength of your foot and get out of pain? Don't worry it's simple and we'll help you.

The Causes of Foot Pain

 Knowledge is power. This simple and informative brief discussion on the cause of Foot Pain will change the game for you giving you the know how to fix and protect your foot health.

Arch Support Is a Huge Problem

Orthotics are a huge money making market! But do you actually need them? Have you been told the truth about arch support and orthotics? 

Your Feet are Weak

Feet that live in shoes for the whole day have weakness that leads to muscular imbalances. Making them unable to hold you up properly. Learn how 1 simple change can bring your feet back to life.

Bonus: The Right Shoes for your Feet ( Shoe Module and 4 Point Shoe Guide)

Were you told you need special shoes with support? In this Bonus Video Module, separate the truth from the myths and get our printable bonus guide you can take with you shoe shopping!

Bonus Fix Your Lower Leg 

You'll understand how your lower leg and the muscles involved contribute to foot pain and what's the FIX in this Bonus Video Module 

Let me tell you how I know. I had debilitating back pain and I was about to become a dad for the first time...

and that scared the heck out of me.

Solving other people's muscular imbalances is what I did all day, but I couldn't fix my own. 

I had chronic back pain since I was 14 and I also had flat feet.

 I was trying to find solutions on my own but I only had band-aids. 

I felt like I had tried everything. You feel me?

Here's the list of what i tried:

Rolfing (helped some), massage and physical therapy (helped some), weight lifting, crossfit, osteopathic manipulation, chiropractic, acupuncture and when it was real bad I was on anti inflammatories. 

Then I stumbled upon a solution when a client asked me to review a book for them called 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back by Esther Gokhale.

 As an orthopedic and sports massage therapist specializing in injury rehab and muscular injuries I understood anatomy but then I made this startling discovery *cue music*

North Americans in general are flexed forward and compressed in stark contrast to other parts of the world where they are not AND there is no foot pain (or chronic back pain).


What gives? They may choose to squat to rest (better choice) whereas we may choose to sit on a couch in a slouch which rhymes with ouch  in a tucked pelvis position (sitting on our tailbone) and a rounded flexed spine and forward head and shoulders. 

They may have time during their day where they are barefoot allowing their muscles of their feet to be used and strengthened. Their toes are spread out and shoes are only worn when necessary. 

They also don't have Lazyboy recliners and easy chairs. Most of them don't spend 8 or more hours at a computer desk. 

When they leave their home  they generally don't put on pointy toed high heels or extra supportive designer (narrow) sneaks. 

The solution to your foot pain is to move your feet the way they were designed to be moved...

To reconnect your foot to your brain and send it a different message.

To make new simple habits to  with my Foot Pain Gone Formula, in just 10 minutes a day, every day, for 14 days.

My  method for pain relief developed from being a clinician, a patient, a student, and since 2012 a guide.

We are solving your foot pain forever together by correcting the root cause of pain weakness in your muscles and joints

I've helped people change their lives and get out of foot pain and I can help you too.




We start you with an understanding of what’s really going on. We rebuild your mind body connection with a simple exercise, then I walk you through the steps you need and nothing you don’t and you get results in 20 minutes.


You will understand what your foot needs when it comes to shoes and you can go out and use our shoe guide to find the right shoe. You will save money and gain knowledge and confidence. 



Your results will be expanded when you continue your foot health journey up into your lower leg. Why? Because the muscles in your foot are controlled by the lower leg. This module is a bonus included for a limited time. 


Because I help people get better.

But actually I'm not a Doctor or technically a Coach.  

I'm a licensed orthopedic and sports massage therapist from Maui, Hawaii. I graduated from Massage School at 19 and I've been treating people for muscular and joint injuries, prehab for athletes, rehab for orthopedic surgeries for the last 2 decades. 

I have always been interested in anatomy and in how the body functions. 

 I'm solution obsessed. I want to get to the cause and understand it and fix it. 

Once I found the answers to chronic foot and back pain (related)  I created a System for getting rid of pain and muscular imbalances with the treatment and corrective exercises that work and I teach the truth about chronic muscular pain so you can ACTUALLY get better

The feet are absolutely the first place to start, and often ignored, causing so much dysfunction up the chain and it's completely avoidable by addressing the feet first. 

The same principles in Foot Pain Gone Formula are in my signature system The Pain Free Protocol and it works for muscle and joint pain in any part of the body. (Available for Presale)

This Is for you if:

  • You don't have time and you want results
  • You stand all day or work at a computer all day
  • You have been told you need orthotics
  • You do better with a coach visually showing you step by step 
  • You've tried other programs without success
  • You know your foot should be more mobile and stable
  • You have pain in your foot that impacts your daily life

This Is NOT for you if: 

  • You are not ready to open your mind to a new train of thought
  • You enjoy orthotics and "special shoes"
  • You don't like natural or holistic approaches to problems
  • You'd rather keep taking advil all day to numb the pain
  • You are sure that you cannot get out of pain
  • You won't dedicate 10 minutes a day to working on your feet
  • You have open sores on your feet or diabetic neuropathy
  • you if self care is not a priority in your life


" We almost went out to buy those comfy ortho shoes"

that older people get. But we don't need to now. Letting our feet do what it's supposed to do! Loved the foot classes. It has been making a huge difference for me and my husband.We both work at a fast paced job on our feet all day."

Cheryllani Mccormack

"Now I am increasing my workouts slowly and am able to swim & snorkel easily and aspire to get back to whatever I want..."

I learned about the foot course that Sportbodywork had, so after thinking about it for a while I decided to try it. 

Just the first three exercises there gave me a marked improvement in how I felt immediately, and I can do these any time to enable me to bring relief of discomfort in my feet and structure.

I am so happy I decided to get the course! Now I am improving much more and am able to increase my activity when before that I spent a lot of time lying down to take the stress off the messed up muscles.

Dawn Wilder

My feet were painfully tender to walking, and I could only find relief with prescription medications...I had consulted scores of doctors...

I can now power walk 3 miles a day on the sand... I use Paul's exercise recommendations daily. 

Coach Hutt Bush

Yes, this is def for me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I want this!

Yes, we've helped people with flat feet, fallen arches, bunions, hammertoes and we can help you too...

Our clients with foot pain have been hairstylists, massage therapists, estheticians, they work in retail, servers in restaurants, computer techs, real estate agents, professional tennis players, professional golfers, marathon runners, Olympians, and even famous Rockstars. And it will help you too!

WARNING: If you are  ready to get out of Foot Pain and  willing to put in the 20 minutes of learn time and commit to these 5 movements daily you may be shocked by your results!  This program works for action takers!

Yes, that's me!

Important: Because of the relationship between feet and hip, knees and back pain, it is highly likely that fixing your feet can dramatically reduce the pain in these other areas



If You Continue To Treat The Symptoms And Not The Cause You Will Continue To Have The Pain.



You don't have to go it alone. We provide the simple tools and the coaching so you don't have to spend any longer searching for solutions on google (that don't work), buying another pair of orthotics or arch supports or letting your foot pain dictate what you can and can't do tomorrow.

What you get:

$29 Limited Time

(Valued at $396)

  • 6 Movement Videos
  • 1  PDF workbook
  • 1 Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus: Lower Leg Module
  • Bonus: Shoe Guide (to save $ and stay out of pain)